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Kent R&D Consulting Ltd


Kent R&D Consulting Ltd provides a full claim preparation service and more.

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R&D claim preparation

Full R&D claim preparation service including:

  • Analysis of business operations and eligibility
  • Review of potential qualifying projects and expenditure
  • Preparation of R&D report for HMRC submission
  • Submission of company tax return to HMRC


R&D project consulting

A review of potential R&D projects, whether they have been started or are in consideration, with reference to HMRC's guidelines.

A report is produced outlining the eligibility of the project and potential costs that would qualify for R&D tax relief.

This service is ideal for planned or early stage projects to plan for a potential R&D claim in the future.


Record keeping advice

A review of business records with reference to ensuring all relevant activities and expenditure is being captured to optimise R&D claims.

Even if a business is claiming for R&D tax relief, in most cases, changes to internal record keeping processes can yield larger R&D claims by capturing unclaimed expenditure or reducing the administration time of collating R&D claim information.


Business startup

If you are considering embarking on a new R&D related business, it can be beneficial to ensure the way the business is structured is optimised for claiming R&D tax relief.

Whether this is corporate structure, company year-end timing or record-keeping processes, getting everything right at the start of a venture can save hours of time and effort as well as ensuring an optimised R&D claim.